Thank you all SO much for watching my first episode of The Fosters! It’s so amazing to get some trans representation on TV, and i’m so honored to get to get the word out there for my community.

I’m a queer, AFAB, trans person, and my pronouns are they/them/their unless otherwise specified!

You’re all just delightful, and I hope you enjoyed. 

FUN TRIVIA FACT: During the ACE bandage binding scene, I was wearing a grand total of FOUR bandages to achieve the desired effect. 


how to deepen your voice - ftm


transformation tuesday



may 1991
- born female
january 2009 - began taking testosterone
december 2009 - double mastectomy
december 2011 - complete hysterectomy
november 2013 - began working out more consistently
today - i am okay with all of this.

finally getting facial hair that looks legit but i am so not a beard person. ive been letting my sideburns grow in to about halfway down my face but im not sure im liking the tiger stripe look theyre starting to creep towards.

in other news, i had to get a refill on my prescription and for some reason my doctor called it in to strohecker’s (i’ve always gotten my T from APS up until now.) not sure why exactly. is it usually just a matter of whichever’s cheaper at the time or in their computer system or something?


Cis people are acting like us trans people are not curious about other trans peoples’ birth/legal names. You know how we deal with it? Keeping it to ourselves.

Curiosity isn’t a problem until you start acting like things are your business and your inward thoughts come outward. We get it, curiosity is a part of the human condition. You know what else is? Respecting peoples’ boundaries.


2 days on T vs 351 days on T

Oh man, also, at work today we were going through a cart of returns some homeless man tried to steal and one of the new hires said “When a guy buys tampons, that’s when you know he’s crazy,” and I sort of laughed because the other kids there had worked with me since before i transitioned on the job. (I did belatedly say not to talk trash about the mentally ill, don’t be a dick, just for the record lmfao.) They may not have made the connection but when I relayed it later to one of my other coworkers, she asked if menstruating was still a thing and I said “hell no, the hormones would be worth it for that alone” and she laughed. 

The weird thing is, I’m pretty sure my face has changed a lot, based on people around me and what they’ve said (or not said), and sometimes the way i catch myself in the mirror, but it feels like i look exactly the same when i take pictures. On one level it does make me dysphoric and is disheartening, but on another I’m glad at least I looked like a masculine woman before transition. Ha ha. The same phenomenon goes for my voice - and that I have very good documentation of and it’s completely different, so it’s probably a self-image thing.

Counting time on T.


I have a question for guys who are already on T.  How do you count your months on testosterone?  Do you just do the same day of every month?  I started on October third, so my four weeks on T is still in October, but it would be weird to say that that is one month since it’s still the same month.  Does that make sense?  Essentially I’m asking how you define a month.

I count it by the date or just round if it’s close - so id count nov. 3rd as one month in your case - but everybody’s different. For the first few months you’re probably thinking in terms of weeks anyway, but eventually it’ll be in terms of years, so don’t sweat it too much. haha